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The dilemma:

You've been trekking all day, taking great pictures, having a blast with your friends, just enjoying the moment. It's sunny outside, and you reach into your bag to grab a hat, and whoops! out come those dirty socks you were hoping would just stay hidden forever.  Sound familiar? We've all been there, and up until recently, we've just dealt with it. 

Our solution:

The HOBOROLL. Because it gives you:

the Freedom to explore 

To go great places 

Kicho Tal (Ice Lake), Nepal.  15,600'

And never miss that shot because you fumbled in your bag:

Violet sabrewing, Costa Rica

By keeping you organized anywhere you go.  


So that you do NOT have one of these moments: 

We designed the HOBOROLL to be the perfect travel 
accessory for your adventures.  

How does it do it?

Each feature of your HOBOROLL has been designed to make it easier to use, lighter-weight, stronger, and more versatile.  

Imagine the time you will save thanks to your HOBOROLL.


Alternatively, you could just video grasshoppers in slow-motion for kicks:

Where will you take your HOBOROLL next?  Please share with us your photos, stories, and adventures!  


Drew N:

I believe you meant the other “yoke” there in the graphic…
I’ve tried making curved “yolk” (s) before, but usually I don’t bother going to the trouble of a “French” omelette.

Interesting little bit on the definition of Denier. Yes, 30g per 9000m is quite light. It is also an interesting insight into how much fiber actually goes into making the product.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use mine for anything cool, but at some point I’ll post color-corrected photos of the “Midnight Lava” option.

Apr 14, 2015

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