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Perhaps you can go anywhere, but you cannot go everywhere.  

Source: Zhangjiajie National Park, China.  Johnny, One Step 4Ward

Some of us might have the opportunity to travel all around the world.  And a few might even make it to every corner of the Earth. 


Source: Deb and Dave of the Planet D, in Zambia at Victoria Falls 


But even so, there is not enough time in the human lifespan to really experience everywhere.  

If time is at a premium, where do you go?  If you could only go 1 place per year, or per decade, where would you go? How would you decide?


Source: Igazu Falls. Photo Source: Flickr CC User SF Brit

These bloggers below are very wealthy when it comes to travel experience.  They've been all around the world, and while it was hard for some of them to pick their favorite spots, here is a list they made just for you:



"I fell in love with Peru long before I visited; and my love of the place only continued to deepen while I spent three months living in the Sacred Valley, near Pisac. So I’m going back for more…." continue reading here.

"This leads me to the idea that travel is much more about the people you are with than the places you are visiting." from My Favorite Place in the World

Nora Dunn, of The Professional Hobo

Traveling for: 8 years
Countries visited: 50+  


Galapagos Islands

"The water off the beach forms an expansive shallow enclosure, completely protected from the choppy waves, which meant wildlife was waiting for us everyday – and so amazing was the experience we went back 3 days in row.   We snorkeled close enough to touch enormous sea turtles, were slapped around under water by playful sea lions, and swam through schools of sharks, rare coral, and colorful fish while blue footed boobies and frigatebirds circled overhead." 
read more about Megan's sea turtle adventures here...
Mapping Megan
Traveling for: 8 years
Countries visited: 37



"I taught English in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a year after graduating university and leaving Ireland, I was broke but it was an adventure. I worked double hours in my last month to scramble together a couple of extra hundred dollars, with that money I booked a one way flight to Bangladesh - the nearest country off the beaten path.  Arriving there was perhaps my best ever experience. I had no idea what language they spoke, what the currency was, the name of the Capital, what I was gonna do, where I was gonna sleep. It was real travel, the start of the lifestyle I now live, and it was perfect. I ended up sleeping in a collapsed hotel in 'Old Dhaka', it was manic, the next day was a Friday, the Islamic Sabbath, which at the time I knew nothing about. Being in the traditional part of the city and waking up late after my journey from Thailand there was literally NOTHING open, no food, no water and it was forty degrees celsius+. Welcome to your new life Johnny boy."

Johnny Ward, of One Step Forward
Traveling for: 9 years
Countries visited: 170 (no that is not a typo, he is going everywhere!)



Skiing in Japan

"Skiing in Japan was amazing. If you have the time I’d recommend trying out a few resorts like I did – I heard Hakuba was good too – but if you want all in, guaranteed awesome ski / snowboard time Niseko is the number one choice."

Read more about Japan skiing adventures here 

Vicky, of Vicky Flip Flop Travels
Traveling for: 5 years
Countries visited: ~50


Puerto Viejo

 You'll just have to read this beautiful post, but it goes something like this:

no matter who they are
no matter what they do 
is not only tolerated
is not only accepted
but is celebrated." 

Camille, of This American Girl
Traveling for: 3.5 years
Countries visited: 27



New Zealand

"It’s no secret whatsoever that New Zealand is my favorite place on earth. If I could move there tomorrow, I probably would. I love everything about the South Pacific nation, from its landscapes to its laid-back vibe, to how beautiful and remote parts of it still are."  

Read Amanda's Bucket List of amazing things to do in New Zealand here

(you'll want to see how much fun zorbing is on her post!)

 Amanda, of A Dangerous Business
Traveling for: ~ 4 years
Countries visited: 35+


Wisconsin River - USA

 "... the river affords the best river camping in the state, the Midwest, the country, and arguably the world.  From Sauk City to the confluence with the Mississippi the bottom of the river is almost completely made up of sand; the river is a 92 mile beach.  Wisconsin’s leading voice in conservation opined eloquently about the wonders of this area yet few heard then, and they are not listening still as the area remains relatively untouched."

Read more about what makes this river so incredible here

Ted, of Traveling Ted

Traveling for: on and off since 2005
Countries visited: 24



Greenland - Kayaking

"There is nothing more wondrous than being surrounded by giant glaciers calving in the distance as you float through a thin veil of ice crackling beside your kayak."
"Each day was completely different from the other. From exploring tributaries to paddling through ice, circumnavigating islands or taking in the scene along the coast, we never had one paddle be like the next."
Read more about this adventure here.  
Deb and Dave, of The Planet D
Traveling for: 6-12 years, depending how you count it
Countries visited: 100+


WHERE IS YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE?  Please share your favorites with us!




I just read this outloud to Eli as we are driving into our 2000+mile trip and Love it! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!!

Jul 13, 2015

Traveling Ted:

I have a few places to add to my bucket list thanks to this post. Thank you for featuring me. I know the Wisconsin River is not the most exotic location, but for me it is my travel home.

Jun 27, 2015

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