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As summer wraps up and fall sweeps in, we'll all be looking for ways to grab the last good days outdoors before the weather turns.  Regardless of if you're hitting the trail or the gym, simplifying life will give you more time to do what you love.  

Here are 4 products aimed at making your life better by keeping it simple and helping you out a little.  

Key Caddy by Liquid Co.

The Key Caddy is a key organizer with a similar style to a swiss army knife, designed in Melbourne, Australia. 

Right out of the box it can hold up to 8 keys and additional extension posts can be purchased to add on as many keys as needed. Car keys and remote fobs can be attached onto the keyring loop on the side.  Transform your keys into a fashion statement and conversation starter instead of fumbling around for an unruly, jingling set of keys in your pocket.  



So stop getting poked in the balls (55% of males) and having your pocket linings torn (67% of people) by your keys*.  The Key Caddy comes to the rescue by keeping keys neatly organized and compact.  *survey of 1005 people

  • Compact and beautiful
  • Eliminates key jingling and potential tearing of pockets
  • Holds as many keys as you need
  • Additional accessories such as USB, bottle opener and a pen (coming soon)

Specs: 3.15" x 1.06" x 0.39".  Weighs 23 grams.  Aluminum grade 6061 material. $47

Liquid is offering $10 off your order just for Gobi Gear fans!  Use code GOBIGEAR at checkout

What Chez says:  I own a Key Caddy, and I was immediately impressed at the concept and execution of such a great idea.  It keeps my keys in a neat little package, and it really does look like a beautiful pocket knife.  With all the add-ons, you can indeed build the perfect key caddy for your lifestyle.  


A pocket-size water bottle fit for any adventure.  

Hydaway's mission is to reduce the 50 billion plastic water bottles that are thrown away each year.  Hydaway offers a durable, reusable water bottle that can collapse to fit into your pocket, meaning you can take it anywhere you go.


  • Compacts easily to fit in your pocket
  • Certified 100% BPA free
  • Taste and odor free
  • Clips to a bag or backpack
  •  Easy to clean - just throw on the top rack in your dishwasher

Specs: 21oz, 600mL.  6" x 4.25".  $20

Hydaway is offering FREE SHIPPING on all pre-orders, no code needed. 

What Chez says: Even though Hydaway is in its presale stages, I have personally seen and used a Hydaway.  Its function is incredible and once mine arrives, I am going to take it everywhere I go, doing my part to keep it simple and help the environment. 



Pack like a boss.  

Too many times we set out on a hike or adventure, only to waste time fumbling around on our bag for items instead of enjoying the sunset or hiking another mile before setting up camp. 

The Hoboroll empowers you to find exactly what you need when you need it, without having to dishevel the entire contents of your bag, giving you more time to do what you set out to do.   Attach the shoulder strap and turn your stuff-sack into a day bag, because, why not?

  • 5 internal compartments separates items
  • 2 compression straps lock gear in place
  • Removable shoulder strap turns your stuff-sack into a day-bag
  • Zipper inside pocket for stashing smaller items
  • Fits in your hand when not in use

Specs: 30D ultralight, ripstop nylon + anodized aluminum buckles. 20L capacity, 3.5oz in weight.  $39.99

15% off all orders with code FALL15 from Gobi Gear's website.  

What Chez says: as the creator of this bag, I obviously love it and use it everywhere I go.  But being a user of my own products has another benefit - I demand the highest quality in my gear, so you know that you too are getting something made with care, attention to detail, and love.  

Ring Thing Bottle Opener

Okay guys - this is something I hold dear to my heart.  I love this ring.  Its brilliant.  It's a ring that can open a beer bottle.  How do I know about this?

Griffin had been given one by his dad.  When Griff and I got married, I was sad that he was going to need to remove this functional ring and replace it with a wedding band.   But after some thought, I figured, what if this ring could be his wedding ring? Well, yes indeed it could!  We made him a custom tungsten-carbide bottle opener ring, the only one like it on Earth. 



That is how cool we think this ring is.  You should have seen the face on the Vietnamese lady on hour honeymoon when he opened a bottle right in front of her.  Not seeing the ring, she almost fainted, assuming he had done it with his bare hands.  

The best news is that you too can easily get one, for less than $10 in stainless steel, from Amazon.com.  


Enjoy :-)

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