Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Strap Adjustable shoulder strap for HOBOROLL HOBOROLL shoulder strap HOBOROLL with adjustable shoulder strap attached
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Get a Shoulder Strap!

Every SegSac Traveler (aka the Hoboroll™) comes with an adjustable shoulder strap! 

If you would like to purchase more, they are a great add on to many products, such as your camera bag or gym bag.    With a comfortable shoulder pad and easy to use swivel clips, this strap is lightweight and versatile.  Straps adjusts to 57" in length.  

Quick Product Details

  • 3oz in weight;
  • 57" in long;
  • Adjustable length
  • Polypropylene material;
  • Padded shoulder;
  • Metal swivel clips;
  • Clip opening 1/4";
  • Color: Dark Gray

Product was designed in the United States and was manufactured in China.


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