Designed by travelers for travelers.
We know what you need.  


Gobi Gear enhances the outdoor experience by providing adventure gear with a purpose. We make segmented stuff sacks that keep your gear easy to reach - find what you're looking for on the first try, instead of rummaging through your pack.  

At Gobi Gear, we love getting outside and we love adventure.  Our company is built upon spending more time outdoors, and bringing you fun, interesting, useful products and solutions.  


Founder :  Chez Brungraber

As the head of Gobi Gear, Chez is dedicated to creating products that travelers really need. 

Pulling from years of travel to areas such as Nepal, Kenya, and New Zealand, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, Chez is growing a brand that speaks from experience. She is an accomplished botanist and wildlife biologist who knows the value of proper gear - from spending countless hours traveling to working long and rough field days.

Her passion for developing products does not stop at the design. Chez is committed to sustainability and being as locally based as possible.  No plastic is used in any of Gobi Gear's packaging - not an easy feat these days! 

Chez is involved in product development, company management, and financial strategy.  With a M.S. Degree in Horticulture and a dual B.S. Degree in Biology and Economics, Gobi Gear is a perfect mix for her business, adventure and environmental skills.  

Something fun about me: I love traveling around the world looking for rare and new flowers.   I am also learning to kite-board. 

Company Manager : Ted Wendin

 The behind-the-scenes, does-it-all miracle worker. Ted has been with Gobi Gear from its initial start-up phase in 2009, and knows more about the ins and outs of the company than just about anyone.

With a Sports Management Degree from Rutgers University, Ted has helped build Gobi Gear from the ground up, providing customer support and order fulfillment as well as been a integral part of the product development team. He provides invaluable insight for marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction.

If you are pleased with our customer service or appreciate that we work on weekends, Ted is the one to thank!

Something fun about me: I love surf-cast fishing!  I also enjoy flying planes and traveling. 


Product Design Engineer : Griffin Brungraber

Griffin is the technical brains behind every product and each aspect of the products we sell.  

With a Ph.D in Structural Engineering from UCSD, he has a great understanding for how things actually work, and, perhaps more importantly, how they may fail under certain stress conditions. Griffin worked as bridge engineer before becoming an independent consultant.  

With Griffin's help, Gobi Gear is able to develop products that can withstand the conditions of real life and meet the demands of our customers.  We design around durability, strength, and versatility.  
Something fun about me: I love building things and solving design challenges.