Please read below as our options and prices have changed for both domestic and international shipments!

USA Delivery Options

 Please note: Currently due to an inventory issue ALL orders containing a 18.5L Hoboroll (both colors) will not be shipped until this issue is resolved. We are anticipating it being resolved around 3/17/2017.


We offer standard shipping starting at $6.50 to anywhere in the continental USA ($8.25 to Hawaii and Alaska). Tracking is included in all shipments. See checkout for details.


Here are the current rates: 


Order Total (If you have a discount code, the total after the discount is applied is used for the shipping tier) 

Domestic (Lower 48)

Please Note: All three tiers below are the same shipping speeds.

$5.00-$14.99: Tier 1 - $6.55

$15-$24.99: Tier 3 - $6.50

$25 and over: Free Shipping Tier

Orders must be in no later than 1 pm EST to be shipped that day during Non-Holiday events.  Holiday shipping times and schedule of order deadlines will be posted on their own page when they are activated.  This page will go down when the holiday program is running.

 Please Note for Flat Rate Shipping: If the package is returned to us as undeliverable due to user error, you will have the option to either request a refund, minus the shipping fees or have us reship it with an additional $7 ($7 for shipping, processing fee is waived from November 1 to January 5th) charge that will be sent through our POS system on this website unless otherwise agreed to. If it was Gobi Gear's error or our package processing error, you will be entitled to a full refund OR reship without any extra fees.

 Free Standard Shipping for Orders over $25 USD for all lower 48 states! Reduced to $2.50 for Hawaii and Alaska!

UPS 2nd Day Air

Now being offered to our Domestic customers!  Pricing depends on order total, with the starting amount being $16 and the most expensive being $28. While this option is available to be used, we can not guarantee that the package will be delivered within the 2 day period if severe inclement weather impacts UPS's shipping system.  It is the customer's responsibility to determine if there are any inclement conditions impacting the shipping routes.

 All orders must be made prior to 1 pm ET in order to be processed that day.  Any orders after this time will be shipped the following business day with the selected speed. 


Please click here for more information!



Second Note: 2-day time frame does not apply on Weekend and Holidays.  Our distribution center is closed on all Major holidays or observed days for when holidays fall on a weekend.
Third Note: Free Shipping promotions DO NOT APPLY TO 2nd Day Air or Overnight!  Orders in which the system marks as free may be cancelled at Gobi Gear's discretion.


Overnight Delivery

We are keeping this option for year round operations.  The pricing will be the same as during our Holiday Event for now.

This option will start at $22.50 and will depend on the order and is shipped via UPS Standard Overnight. 


For Terms and Conditions in addition to below, please see this page.

Free Shipping promotions and our promotion of free shipping over $25 or more does NOT apply to this method, unless otherwise said specifically in the promotion that is running.

Please Note the following:

A) There is a $40 minimum order required for this tier for the prices mentioned above, orders under that threshold will receive shipping costs as is provided by our distribution center.


C) Please take note of any potential adverse weather that may be occurring in the UPS shipping network, in such locations such as Louisville, Georgia, or your local area in case severe weather may impact transit times.  Gobi Gear will NOT refund the shipping charges if you place the order and is not able to get to your location IF UPS has advisories up on their website.  Locations to look for: Georgia and New Jersey.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact us through the help button on the lower right of the page.



International Shipping Options

We are now offering Flat rate zonal pricing.  The prices still range depending on your location, with the standard cost starting at $12 (new low price!).  We are constantly updating our shipping zones.   You are required to use a phone number for Custom's purposes.  If you do not include a phone number in which you can be reached, your shipment may be returned to us.  You will have to repurchase the shipping option if this occurs due to user error.


More information about recent changes:

Unfortunately, all carriers have upped their shipping prices for the 2017 year.  Due to this, we are forced to readjust the shipping charges upward by $0.51 for domestic and it is still to be determined what the new rates will be for international orders as of January 23rd, 2017.   


*We have a distribution center which uses carriers other than the USPS as the starting carrier.  The phone number is subject to FedEx's ,  UPS's  or DHL Private Policy or other shipping providers as needed.  We will not use your phone number in any other way including, but not limited to marketing.  We do not give or sell your information to any other 3rd party, except when required for shipping purposes, as mentioned above.


*** For International Customers: We are required by law to have a phone number in order to process your shipment. Without it, we will not be able to ship to you.  The phone number is used for Custom's purposes as portrayed by  and/or DHL Policies. We will not use your phone number in any other way including, but not limited to marketing.  We do not give or sell your information to any other 3rd party, except when required for shipping purposes, as mentioned above.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my shipment require a signature?

No.  With our change in the way we distribute, signature confirmation is not required for any order at this time.  However, we reserve the right to require a signature if we think the order has been flagged as possible fraud.  This is to protect both parties from fraud.

2) Can we request that a signature be required for delivery?

These are the services provided and whether or not a signature can be requested:

Standard: No, at this time signatures on our regular shipment speeds are not available.

Express Saver (coming soon)

2nd Day Air: Yes, There is a $2 fee that will be paid in a separate transaction for any orders under $55.  Orders over $55 will have the fee waived.

Overnight: Yes, there is a $2 fee that will be paid in a separate transactions for any orders under $55.  Orders over $55 will have the fee waived


3) My package was returned to GobiGear Even though it never reached my address.  What happens next?

For any shipment that is returned to us, we usually do an investigation on to what went wrong. This can take up to 2 weeks. If we find that it is the carrier's fault, we will confirm your address with you and try again.  However, if it is determined that it went unclaimed, invalid address or any other user error that was not corrected prior to original shipment, there is a new $5 dollar shipping charge along with a $4 processing charge for regular shipping. These fees may be waived on a case by case basis.

If you were a UPS 2nd Day customer, you may have an eligible credit for a regular shipment with no further fees.

4) I noticed that the price for shipping for regular and 2 day shipping has increased.  Why is that?

Unfortunately, there were price increases across the board that takes effect in 2017.  We evaluated and determined the proper increase.  This was a hard decision because we do understand that shipping charges can not be avoided for a business like ours.  We are always evaluating our options and adjust based off of what we can do.  As for UPS 2-day air, we decided that the base amount will increase while keeping the bigger orders the same as the cost difference is not as drastic.