The Cascade Mountains

The story behind the HOBOROLL™

Once Upon a Time in Nepal

Have you ever been woken by the sound of an avalanche? It was five minutes before my 5 a.m. alarm was set to go off. I was cold, and it was still dark. But the Muktinath Himal Valley was alive, and it was time to get moving.

Rather than fumbling around for my gear like on previous trips, I had everything just where I needed it – right in my HOBOROLL™. Ready. Set. Go! Find headlamp, done. Grab warm socks, stow down booties, check. Fuzzy fleece hat, check. Sunglasses and sunscreen, check.


Getting Ready for the Hike

Each item had been placed carefully in its own HOBOROLL™ compartment the night before, and I had no trouble grabbing the gear I needed. In fact, I might have been able to do all this in the dark should the headlamp not have been functioning that morning.

After a couple quick minutes of dressing and sipping my favorite drink in the entire world - a customary hot Chai tea - I began my 15-mile hike from 14,322’ to 17,851’, where I would be searching for rare flowers and perhaps those new to science.


Solving the Packing Problem

Wasting time searching for items at the bottom of my pack had been a common thing for me. That was until I created a better way to keep track of them. I had always been the kid who made things I wanted but couldn’t buy. Just because it wasn’t for sale, didn’t mean I couldn’t have it. The same with stuff sacks. The market hadn’t provided me with what I needed, so I made it myself.

I took a stuff sack and partitioned it, on my own sewing machine. I knew if I had interior divisions it could save me time locating items later on. Have you seen the Himalaya? It’s a life dream of mine, and now it would not be hindered by my lack of ability to find things while there! I wanted to spend more time on the trail and less time fussing with my pack.


Later on that day

At about 16,000’ I found my first Gentian, Gentiana ornata to be exact. This little blue and purple flower has white streaks down its side, and is in the shape of a cup. It grows no more than 2” off the ground and has leaves the size of a pinky nail.

The rocky, stunted grassland was littered with what looked like little Easter eggs of gentians. I even had enough time to make sketches of these beautiful flowers, which I later donated to the Tribhuvan University of Nepal’s botany department.

Now for Everyone!

It’s because of my experiences, one described in the story above, that we created the HOBOROLL™ in the belief that we don’t just pack our bags with items, but we also pack it with items that represent our hopes—whether you’re hoping to find that rare flower you’re on the hunt for, or just hoping for a beautiful, cool waterfall to duck under at the end of your hike, the HOBOROLL™ is designed to help you bring the items you need and keep them where they belong, so you can have more time to chase your adventure.

“…The HOBOROLL™ still weighs less than other compression sacks and costs almost exactly the same. I definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking to stay clean and organized, be it at the gym or traveling overseas.”

- Andrew, Outdoor Gear TV